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My name is Natascia, Natascia Fregonese. I am a German, French and English translator and interpreter and for the past twenty years I have had the pleasure of working with many companies, professionals and private individuals: and the great thing is that I am often instrumental in their success! After receiving a solid and specialised education in true “Marines style” at the School for Interpreters and Translators of the University of Trieste (SSLMIT), I decided to continue on my journey, working with great passion as a freelance translator and interpreter and specialising in the legal, automotive and technical sectors. I put my knowledge to good use, liaising with clients and the clients of my clients. Later, wanting to share my knowledge with others, I enthusiastically helped those who, for personal or professional reasons, had decided to learn a foreign language, giving them the tools they needed to be able to communicate competently in all situations.

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For over 20 years experience, quality,
professionalism in every service

When I talk about quality, experience and professionalism in translating and interpreting, I do so after very careful consideration, especially when dealing with tricky topics such as legal and technical projects. There is no margin for error in situations like these. So stop and think for a moment before you decide who to turn to for your translation and interpreting needs. Sometimes I’ve heard clients say “just give me the gist…“ or “tell me what the agreement says in a nutshell….”.

Have you ever tried following an automatically generated online translation of a machine’s operating procedure? Imagine your company has to sign an agreement, would you be happy just knowing the names of the purchaser and the vendor? Or is it important to understand the consequences of certain clauses in countries whose legal system you are not familiar with? Just think: it’s better to invest a bit more at the outset and sleep easy at night, than have to cope with unforeseen time and costs later on. I am here to help you.

Il gruppo SCHOLPP è azienda leader nei trasferimenti e montaggi di impianti industriali in tutto il mondo. Oltre 1200 collaboratori contribuiscono a mantenere in movimento le imprese in 16 siti in Germania e in altri quattro nel mondo, tra cui anche Oderzo e Milano. Natascia Fregonese collabora con noi dal 2015 fornendo traduzioni professionali ad alto contenuto tecnico. Ha tradotto i testi del nostro sito italiano in tempi brevi e con nostra completa ed assoluta soddisfazione. Consigliamo vivamente la Dr.ssa Fregonese per la sua preparazione e professionalità.

Filiale di Chemnitz

Scholpp GmbH

The SCHOLPP Group is the leading provider of global relocation and installation services for industrial systems. More than 1200 staff help to keep businesses moving in 16 German and four international sites, including Oderzo and Milan. Natascia Fregonese has worked with us since 2015, providing us with highly technical professional translations. She translated our Italian website in a very short space of time and we were extremely satisfied with the result. We highly recommend Ms Fregonese for her knowledge, expertise and professionalism.

Chemnitz Branch

Scholpp GmbH

Natascia è una persona molto professionale, sempre disponibile e puntuale nella consegna delle traduzioni. Analizza i dati che riceve, ne discute con il cliente e se vede qualcosa da aggiungere o sistemare nelle parole o nei messaggi da inviare, esprime il suo parere sul da farsi.
Il suo motto è: se riesci a fare le cose bene, cerca di farle meglio!

Elisa e Alfio Fadel

Minuterie di Precisione snc

Natascia is a consummate professional, she is always available when we need her and her translations are always delivered on time. She analyses the information she is given, she discusses it with the client and, if she sees something is missing or needs sorting out in the texts, she makes an appropriate suggestion. Her motto is: if you can do things well, try doing them better!

Elisa and Alfio Fadel

Minuterie di Precisione snc

Collaboriamo con Natascia dal 1998 quando, appena laureata, ha iniziato a lavorare come traduttrice. In questi 20 anni si è rivelata essere una traduttrice professionale e affidabile, fornendoci supporto anche nei casi più urgenti. Sempre puntuale, accurata e precisa, Natascia è uno dei nostri traduttori più professionali.

Dr. Traldi

Traduttori Associati

We have worked with Natascia since 1998 when, fresh out of university, she began her career as a translator. Over the past 20 years, she has proved to be a professional and reliable translator, often helping us out with extremely urgent jobs.  Natascia’s work is always delivered on time and is accurate and precise; she is one of our most professional translators.

Partner Traldi e Associati

Traduttori Associati

L.M.&P. srl collabora con la Dott.ssa Fregonese da oltre 15 anni. Professionalità ed elevata competenza nell’operato hanno sempre contraddistinto in maniera positiva il lavoro svolto dalla Dottoressa Fregonese. Siamo riusciti in questi anni ad ampliare i nostri mercati esteri, grazie ai corsi di lingue da Lei tenuti presso la nostra sede, e alla consulenza costante fornitaci. Inoltre le sue traduzioni sono sempre state tempestive, puntuali e di qualità.

LMP srl

Progettazione, costruzione stampi per termoplastici, Pressofusione e bimateria

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