We have worked with Natascia since 1998 when, fresh out of university, she began her career as a translator. Over the past 20 years, she has proved to be a professional and reliable translator, often helping us out with extremely urgent jobs.  Natascia’s work is always delivered on time and is accurate and precise; she is one of our most professional translators.

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Natascia is a consummate professional, she is always available when we need her and her translations are always delivered on time. She analyses the information she is given, she discusses it with the client and, if she sees something is missing or needs sorting out in the texts, she makes an appropriate suggestion. Her motto is: if you can do things well, try doing them better!

Elisa and Alfio Fadel

Minuterie di Precisione snc

The SCHOLPP Group is the leading provider of global relocation and installation services for industrial systems. More than 1200 staff help to keep businesses moving in 16 German and four international sites, including Oderzo and Milan. Natascia Fregonese has worked with us since 2015, providing us with highly technical professional translations. She translated our Italian website in a very short space of time and we were extremely satisfied with the result. We highly recommend Ms Fregonese for her knowledge, expertise and professionalism.

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Scholpp GmbH

L.M.&P. srl has worked with Natascia Fregonese for over 15 years. She provides a professional service that is always of the highest standard. Since working with Ms Fregonese, we have successfully broadened our foreign client base, thanks to the language courses she has held at our offices and her ongoing guidance and advice. Her translations are always on time, accurate and of the highest quality.

LMP srl

Design and manufacture of tooling for die-casting and thermoplastic injection/two-shot moulding

Ms Fregonese of Logosphera Traduzioni worked with me as an interpreter and translator from July 2009 to December 2015, when I was CEO of the foreign company ProTec Servizi Industriali Srl, then Scholpp Montaggi Italia Srl. Her work included translating notarial deeds, documents for the Italian authorities and important legal and administrative documents into German, as well as drawing them up correctly in Italian. Ms Fregonese also assisted me at meetings with the authorities and when visiting clients, lawyers and accountants. Our partnership can be summed up in one word: excellent. Ms Fregonese assisted me in every aspect of my business, showing great personal commitment and highly specialised knowledge and experience, making a crucial contribution to the success of our branch.

Peter Reitzmann

Independent Business Advisor

Ms Fregonese plays a key role in our business in Italy. Thanks to her friendly approach and her professionalism when interpreting and translating, we are always successful in establishing new business contacts. Her work includes translating contracts, important technical documents and all our business correspondence, enabling us to communicate effectively with our clients. Thanks to her, it is easier for us to establish and maintain business relations with our Italian clients. It is almost like when we do business in Germany.

Bernhard Sämann

PVA - Polymer Veredelungs-Anlagen GmbH

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